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I started singing in 2014. Without any background in music, I realized after a while that building a voice takes time, and for that, you need the right teachers. I have been blessed with an amazing team by my side, and with their help I was able to extend the range of my voice and implement various styles: opera (tenor and countertenor) and pop.

"Being talented as a singer is not enough. It's the passion and motivation you bring to the table, every single day, that makes the difference."


Chris James (composer & arranger)

Being a very talented composer and arranger, he still surprises me each time with his creativity and the sheer range of emotions he brings to his songs. He is also an amazing teacher and I’m trying to learn from him as much as I can. Currently we are working om many new projects that will be released soon.

Ashraf Heirany (poet)

A brilliant poet in Persian language, Ashraf’s writings are connected to deep-rooted and powerful subjects, challenging me each time to pass on the emotions and to deliver them in their full potential. Her magical poems will be used in at least ten upcoming songs....

Ava Homayoun

Ava shines as another extremely talented Persian poet. Her poems are rooted in the deep love she has for her country, and she also writes poems in foreign languages, such as French. We are very proud to release many of her poems in the upcoming songs!

Learning music

Everything we want to learn to perfection needs a good teacher. I had the honour to meet some of the best teachers out there whose dedication contributed tremendously to the singer I am today.

Mojgan Shajarian

My very first and incredible teacher. I learned Persian Awaz and techniques of Tahrir from her. She is also the daughter of the late Persian maestro of Awaz, Mohammad Reza Shajarian. Her brother Homayoon Shajarian is one of my favourite and best artists of all time.

Fariba Davoodi

My second teacher, a human with a pure heart and energy that gave me the boost I needed to continue. The first time she heard my voice she said "You are born to be a singer…", which meant a lot to me back then as I was at a very challenging stage in my life.

Katerina Utochkina

After learning the basics of Persian singing, I decided to go all the way and become an opera singer, which is the ultimate of vocal training and singing techniques. I was extremely lucky to find this wonderful teacher with a beautiful voice that helped me to connect to my dream of singing in a fun and doable way. I think people like her are the real magic behind successful artists….

Chris James

After creating music and teaching me the instrumental system behind the music, I decided to call him Doctor James. Not only is he a good teacher and music producer, he is also a talented guitar player and is using his knowledge to play Persian instruments, which will be used in our upcoming songs by him.



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